Trained Eye Drone Inspections

Roofing Experts With A Bird's-Eye View

Not anyone can fly a drone well. And not anyone can give you an accurate and useful roof inspection. At Trained Eye Drone Inspections we do both.

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Combining over 100 years of roofing experience with new technology


All inspections done from the safety of the ground by a licensed drone pilot


Real footage examined by in-house roofing experts to generate a detailed roof health report


High definition photos and videos of the roof area from a variety of angles


Digital photo and video documentation organized with ongoing waterproofing in mind, to help you make informed and efficient maintenance decisions

Example of interactive report

Example of Life Cycle Planner

Our Offerings

Tier 1

Roof overview report

Drone inspection

Pictures of overall roof area, as well as potential problem spots

Our recommendations for future roof service

Tier 2

Interactive Roof Report

Everything included in Tier 1, plus:

An interactive visual report that includes pictures and video footage of all potential problem spots on roof area and our recommendations for each

Tier 3

Interactive Roof Report and Roof Life Cycle Planner

Everything included in Tier 1 and Tier 2, plus:

A roof life cycle planner complete with budgetary pricing for immediate needs, re-roofing and long term roofing options

Our Process

  1. Authorize us to fly over your facility.
  2. Record footage of the facility with knowledge of facility envelope repair and maintenance.
  3. Footage review and examination.
  4. We will create 3 levels of reports showing hot spots and recommendations. (Will have examples for each level of report)

Ready to take flight?